Learn how to take charge of the game from behind the plate by calling pitches, framing pitches, blocking balls, and throwing runners out.  The mental and thephysical side of catching will be taught so you can truly manage the game.  Be a leader!

Balance, swing path and timing are all part of the foundations of a great hitter.  Learn the basics of hitting in a fun environment with a low player to instructor ratio.  Build confidence and swing the bat with authority!

Make Aggressive Swings Happen!  Softball isn’t just about the short game – girls hit the long ball too!  Learn the techniques to generate power and consistency that will make you a threat in the batting order. 

Maximize your velocity and movement by learning the safest and most efficient mechanics for fastpitch softball.  Physically master motion and movement on your pitches while mentally learning how to attack hitters and manage the game.  Leave each week with a plan to improve and reach your goals!